Authors Born on November , 18th

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November, 18th

Image Author Type Birthyear
Margaret Atwood Quotes Margaret Atwood Novelist 1939
Hank Ballard Musician 1936
J. G. Ballard Quotes J. G. Ballard Author 1930
Pierre Bayle Quotes Pierre Bayle Philosopher 1647
John Britton Mathematician 1927
Charles Buxton Public Servant 1823
Imogene Coca Quotes Imogene Coca Actress 1908
Bruce Conner Sculptor 1933
John Nelson Darby Quotes John Nelson Darby Clergyman 1800
Clarence Day Quotes Clarence Day Author 1874
Dorothy Dix Quotes Dorothy Dix Journalist 1887
Mike Epps Quotes Mike Epps Comedian 1970
Linda Evans Quotes Linda Evans Actress 1942
Allyson Felix Quotes Allyson Felix Athlete 1985
Darren Flutie Athlete 1966
Alan Dean Foster Quotes Alan Dean Foster Author 1946
George Gallup Quotes George Gallup Businessman 1901
W. S. Gilbert Quotes W. S. Gilbert Dramatist 1836
William Gilbert Composer 1836
Asa Gray Quotes Asa Gray Scientist 1810
Kirk Hammett Quotes Kirk Hammett Musician 1962
Alec Issigonis Quotes Alec Issigonis Designer 1906
Jon Johansen Quotes Jon Johansen Celebrity 1983
Amanda Lear Quotes Amanda Lear Musician 1946
Wyndham Lewis Quotes Wyndham Lewis Author 1882
Cesare Lombroso Quotes Cesare Lombroso Psychologist 1835
Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre Quotes Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre Artist 1787
Wilma Mankiller Quotes Wilma Mankiller Statesman 1945
Frances Marion Quotes Frances Marion Writer 1888
Jacques Maritain Quotes Jacques Maritain Philosopher 1882
Edward Marsh Editor 1872
Gene Mauch Quotes Gene Mauch Athlete 1925
Johnny Mercer Quotes Johnny Mercer Musician 1909
Laura Miller Politician 1958
Steven Moffat Quotes Steven Moffat Writer 1961
Alan Moore Quotes Alan Moore Writer 1953
Jamie Moyer Quotes Jamie Moyer Athlete 1962
Kevin Nealon Quotes Kevin Nealon Comedian 1953
Eugene Ormandy Quotes Eugene Ormandy Musician 1899
Elizabeth Perkins Quotes Elizabeth Perkins Actress 1960
Compay Segundo Quotes Compay Segundo Musician 1907
Chloe Sevigny Quotes Chloe Sevigny Actress 1974
Gary Sheffield Quotes Gary Sheffield Athlete 1968
Duncan Sheik Quotes Duncan Sheik Musician 1969
Alan Shepard Quotes Alan Shepard Astronaut 1923
Christian Siriano Quotes Christian Siriano Designer 1985
Ted Stevens Quotes Ted Stevens Politician 1923
Susan Sullivan Actress 1942
Howard Thurman Educator 1900
Sojourner Truth Quotes Sojourner Truth Activist 1787
Carl Maria von Weber Quotes Carl Maria von Weber Composer 1786
George Wald Quotes George Wald Scientist 1906
J. C. Watts Quotes J. C. Watts Politician 1957
Matt Welsh Quotes Matt Welsh Athlete 1976
Kim Wilde Quotes Kim Wilde Musician 1960
Jason Williams Athlete 1975
Peta Wilson Quotes Peta Wilson Actress 1970
Charles E. Wilson Businessman 1886
Owen Wilson Quotes Owen Wilson Actor 1968
Sinbad Quotes Sinbad Comedian 1956