Authors Born on October , 6th

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October, 6th

Image Author Type Birthyear
Gerry Adams Quotes Gerry Adams Politician 1948
Shana Alexander Journalist 1925
Louis Althusser Quotes Louis Althusser Philosopher 1918
Richie Benaud Quotes Richie Benaud Athlete 1930
David Ben-Gurion Quotes David Ben-Gurion Statesman 1896
Karin Boye Quotes Karin Boye Poet 1900
David Brin Quotes David Brin Author 1950
Dino Buzzati Quotes Dino Buzzati Novelist 1906
George Carman Lawyer 1929
Stephen Carter Lawyer 1954
Barbara Castle Quotes Barbara Castle Politician 1910
Emanuel Cleaver Quotes Emanuel Cleaver Politician 1944
Hillary Clinton Quotes Hillary Clinton Politician 1947
Sasha Cohen Quotes Sasha Cohen Athlete 1984
Bootsy Collins Quotes Bootsy Collins Musician 1951
Michael Collins Leader 1890
Chuck Colson Quotes Chuck Colson Lawyer 1931
Charles Colson Quotes Charles Colson Lawyer 1931
Charles W. Colson Quotes Charles W. Colson Lawyer 1931
Pat Conroy Writer 1945
Barry Corbin Quotes Barry Corbin Actor 1940
Le Corbusier Quotes Le Corbusier Architect 1887
Mary Daly Quotes Mary Daly Theologian 1928
Georges Jacques Danton Quotes Georges Jacques Danton Revolutionary 1759
Geoff Davis Quotes Geoff Davis Politician 1958
Ted Demme Director 1963
Lloyd Doggett Quotes Lloyd Doggett Politician 1946
William O. Douglas Quotes William O. Douglas Judge 1898
Tony Dungy Quotes Tony Dungy Coach 1955
Britt Ekland Quotes Britt Ekland Actress 1942
Cary Elwes Quotes Cary Elwes Actor 1962
Desiderius Erasmus Quotes Desiderius Erasmus Philosopher 1466
Paul Farmer Quotes Paul Farmer Educator 1959
Riccardo Giacconi Quotes Riccardo Giacconi Scientist 1931
Richard Goldstone Quotes Richard Goldstone Judge 1938
Caroline Gordon Writer 1895
Gunther Grass Quotes Gunther Grass Author 1927
Gunter Grass Quotes Gunter Grass Author 1927
Tony Greig Quotes Tony Greig Athlete 1946
Fannie Lou Hamer Quotes Fannie Lou Hamer Activist 1917
Jon Heder Quotes Jon Heder Actor 1977
Thor Heyerdahl Quotes Thor Heyerdahl Explorer 1914
Brian Higgins Politician 1959
Napoleon Hill Quotes Napoleon Hill Writer 1883
Napolean Hill Quotes Napolean Hill Author 1883
Bob Hoskins Quotes Bob Hoskins Actor 1942
Mahalia Jackson Quotes Mahalia Jackson Musician 1911
Jeremy Jackson Actor 1980
Amy Jo Johnson Quotes Amy Jo Johnson Actress 1970
Judy Johnson Quotes Judy Johnson Athlete 1899
Gary Kemp Quotes Gary Kemp Musician 1959
Angela Lansbury Quotes Angela Lansbury Actress 1925
Rebecca Lobo Quotes Rebecca Lobo Athlete 1973
Carole Lombard Quotes Carole Lombard Actress 1908
Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva Quotes Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva Politician 1945
Seth MacFarlane Quotes Seth MacFarlane Cartoonist 1973
John Mayer Quotes John Mayer Musician 1977
Dylan McDermott Quotes Dylan McDermott Actor 1961
Natalie Merchant Quotes Natalie Merchant Musician 1963
Gary Miller Quotes Gary Miller Politician 1948
Francois Mitterrand Quotes Francois Mitterrand Statesman 1916
Helen Wills Moody Quotes Helen Wills Moody Athlete 1905
Leslie Moonves Quotes Leslie Moonves Businessman 1949
Evo Morales Quotes Evo Morales Statesman 1959
Henry M. Morris Celebrity 1918
Shelley Morrison Quotes Shelley Morrison Actress 1936
Andrew Motion Quotes Andrew Motion Poet 1952
Bob Mould Quotes Bob Mould Musician 1960
Isaac Murphy Politician 1799
Matt Nagle Scientist 1979
David Neeleman Quotes David Neeleman Businessman 1959
James Newman Astronaut 1956
Eugene O'Neill Dramatist 1888
Mohammed Reza Pahlavi Quotes Mohammed Reza Pahlavi Royalty 1919
John Polkinghorne Quotes John Polkinghorne Physicist 1930
Anthony Rapp Quotes Anthony Rapp Actor 1971
Tim Robbins Quotes Tim Robbins Actor 1958
Abraham Robinson Quotes Abraham Robinson Mathematician 1918
Pat Sajak Quotes Pat Sajak Entertainer 1946
Julian Schnabel Quotes Julian Schnabel Artist 1951
Fritz Scholder Artist 1937
C. P. Scott Quotes C. P. Scott Journalist 1846
Martha Smith Actress 1953
Jaclyn Smith Quotes Jaclyn Smith Actress 1947
Suzanne Somers Quotes Suzanne Somers Actress 1946
Paul Strand Quotes Paul Strand Photographer 1890
Julius Streicher Quotes Julius Streicher Soldier 1946
Matthew Sweet Quotes Matthew Sweet Musician 1964
Olivia Thirlby Quotes Olivia Thirlby Actress 1986
Leon Trotsky Quotes Leon Trotsky Revolutionary 1879
Keith Urban Quotes Keith Urban Musician 1967
John Warnock Quotes John Warnock Scientist 1940
Noah Webster Quotes Noah Webster Writer 1758
Bob Weir Quotes Bob Weir Musician 1947
George Westinghouse Quotes George Westinghouse Inventor 1846
Oscar Wilde Quotes Oscar Wilde Dramatist 1854
Rita Wilson Quotes Rita Wilson Actress 1958
Kathleen Winsor Author 1919
Liu Yang Astronaut 1978
David Zucker Director 1947