Authors Born on September , 5th

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September, 5th

Image Author Type Birthyear
Creighton Abrams Quotes Creighton Abrams Soldier 1914
Roy Acuff Quotes Roy Acuff Musician 1903
Ronnie Barker Quotes Ronnie Barker Comedian 1929
Joe Barton Politician 1949
Otto Bauer Writer 1881
Amy Marcy Beach Quotes Amy Marcy Beach Musician 1867
Robert Benchley Quotes Robert Benchley Comedian 1889
Francesco Borromini Quotes Francesco Borromini Architect 1599
Robert Bresson Quotes Robert Bresson Director 1907
Fawn M. Brodie Author 1915
Norman O. Brown Philosopher 1913
John Cage Quotes John Cage Composer 1912
Tommaso Campanella Philosopher 1568
John Griffin Carlisle Quotes John Griffin Carlisle Politician 1834
Jimmy Carr Quotes Jimmy Carr Comedian 1972
Josh Charles Actor 1971
Agatha Christie Quotes Agatha Christie Writer 1890
Bob Considine Quotes Bob Considine Journalist 1975
Tom Conway Quotes Tom Conway Actor 1904
Jackie Cooper Quotes Jackie Cooper Actor 1922
James F. Cooper Novelist 1789
Jerry Costello Politician 1949
Hansie Cronje Quotes Hansie Cronje Athlete 1969
John C. Danforth Quotes John C. Danforth Politician 1936
Henry Darrow Quotes Henry Darrow Actor 1933
William Devane Quotes William Devane Actor 1940
Mario Diaz-Balart Politician 1961
Michael Douglas Quotes Michael Douglas Actor 1944
Clea Duvall Quotes Clea Duvall Actress 1977
Gordon England Businessman 1937
Werner Erhard Quotes Werner Erhard Celebrity 1935
Bill Evans Quotes Bill Evans Musician 1980
Geoffrey Fisher Quotes Geoffrey Fisher Clergyman 1972
Caspar David Friedrich Quotes Caspar David Friedrich Artist 1774
Robert M. Gates Quotes Robert M. Gates Politician 1943
Murray Gell-Mann Quotes Murray Gell-Mann Physicist 1929
Nelson Gidding Dramatist 1919
Cathy Guisewite Quotes Cathy Guisewite Cartoonist 1950
Mark Hamill Quotes Mark Hamill Actor 1951
Tom Hardy Quotes Tom Hardy Actor 1977
Prince Harry Quotes Prince Harry Royalty 1984
Alcee Hastings Quotes Alcee Hastings Politician 1936
Jimmy Haynes Quotes Jimmy Haynes Athlete 1972
Werner Herzog Quotes Werner Herzog Director 1942
Bell Hooks Quotes Bell Hooks Critic 1952
Samuel Horsley Quotes Samuel Horsley Clergyman 1733
William Morris Hughes Quotes William Morris Hughes Politician 1862
Billy Hughes Quotes Billy Hughes Politician 1862
Tommy Lee Jones Quotes Tommy Lee Jones Actor 1946
Justin Kaplan Writer 1925
Ric Keller Politician 1964
Felicity Kendal Actress 1946
Alexandra Kerry Director 1973
Mark Kirk Quotes Mark Kirk Politician 1959
Arthur Koestler Quotes Arthur Koestler Novelist 1905
Jonathan Kozol Quotes Jonathan Kozol Writer 1936
Francois de La Rochefoucauld Quotes Francois de La Rochefoucauld Writer 1613
Heather Locklear Quotes Heather Locklear Actress 1961
Joseph Lyons Quotes Joseph Lyons Statesman 1879
Michael Madsen Quotes Michael Madsen Actor 1958
Dan Marino Quotes Dan Marino Athlete 1961
Claude McKay Quotes Claude McKay Writer 1889
Freddie Mercury Quotes Freddie Mercury Musician 1946
Giacomo Meyerbeer Quotes Giacomo Meyerbeer Composer 1791
Rebecca Miller Quotes Rebecca Miller Director 1962
John N. Mitchell Quotes John N. Mitchell Politician 1913
Cherrie Moraga Activist 1952
Thomas Hunt Morgan Quotes Thomas Hunt Morgan Scientist 1866
Karl Philipp Moritz Quotes Karl Philipp Moritz Author 1756
Chris Morris Critic 1965
Robert Muldoon Quotes Robert Muldoon Statesman 1921
Bob Newhart Quotes Bob Newhart Comedian 1929
Arthur C. Nielsen Businessman 1897
Jessye Norman Musician 1945
Merlin Olsen Quotes Merlin Olsen Athlete 1940
Rudolf Otto Quotes Rudolf Otto Theologian 1869
Henry Pelham Quotes Henry Pelham Statesman 1694
Gaylord Perry Quotes Gaylord Perry Athlete 1938
Marco Polo Quotes Marco Polo Explorer 1254
Jean Philippe Rameau Quotes Jean Philippe Rameau Composer 1683
Christopher Reeve Quotes Christopher Reeve Actor 1952
Burton Richardson Entertainer 1949
Sam Rivers Quotes Sam Rivers Musician 1923
Phil Rizzuto Quotes Phil Rizzuto Celebrity 1918
Mark Rothko Quotes Mark Rothko Artist 1903
Nipsey Russell Quotes Nipsey Russell Comedian 1918
Will Shields Quotes Will Shields Athlete 1971
Bobby Short Quotes Bobby Short Musician 1924
Dimitri Shostakovich Quotes Dimitri Shostakovich Composer 1906
Shel Silverstein Quotes Shel Silverstein Poet 1930
Will Smith Quotes Will Smith Actor 1968
Red Smith Journalist 1905
Hal Sparks Quotes Hal Sparks Actor 1969
Norman Spinrad Quotes Norman Spinrad Author 1940
Charles Stanley Clergyman 1932
Al Stewart Quotes Al Stewart Musician 1945
Oliver Stone Quotes Oliver Stone Director 1946
Henry Sweet Quotes Henry Sweet Writer 1845
William Howard Taft Quotes William Howard Taft President 1857
Graham Taylor Quotes Graham Taylor Coach 1944
Cheryl Tiegs Model 1947
Elize Du Toit Quotes Elize Du Toit Actress 1981
Konstantin Tsiolkovsky Quotes Konstantin Tsiolkovsky Scientist 1857
Aida Turturro Quotes Aida Turturro Actress 1962
Jack Valenti Quotes Jack Valenti Businessman 1921
Paul A. Volcker Quotes Paul A. Volcker Economist 1927
Bruno Walter Quotes Bruno Walter Composer 1876
Barbara Walters Quotes Barbara Walters Journalist 1931
Dee Dee Warwick Quotes Dee Dee Warwick Musician 1945
Dean Ween Quotes Dean Ween Musician 1970
Raquel Welch Quotes Raquel Welch Actress 1940
Christoph Martin Wieland Quotes Christoph Martin Wieland Poet 1733
Anson Williams Actor 1949
Bridgette Wilson Actress 1973
Fay Wray Quotes Fay Wray Actress 1907
Louis XIV Quotes Louis XIV Royalty 1638
Lu Xun Quotes Lu Xun Author 1881
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro Writer 1942
Frank Yerby Quotes Frank Yerby Author 1916
Darryl F. Zanuck Quotes Darryl F. Zanuck Director 1902
Dweezil Zappa Quotes Dweezil Zappa Musician 1969
Catherine Zeta-Jones Quotes Catherine Zeta-Jones Actress 1969