Died on August, 1st

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August, 1st

Image Author Type Deathyear
Conrad Aiken Quotes Conrad Aiken Author 1973
Robert G. Allen Politician 1963
Luther Allison Quotes Luther Allison Musician 1997
Mary Austin Quotes Mary Austin Writer 1934
Pearl Bailey Quotes Pearl Bailey Actress 1990
Honore de Balzac Quotes Honore de Balzac Novelist 1850
Stefan Banach Quotes Stefan Banach Mathematician 1945
Jean-Michel Basquiat Quotes Jean-Michel Basquiat Artist 1988
Charles Baudelaire Quotes Charles Baudelaire Poet 1867
Mary Ritter Beard Historian 1958
Nicolas Bentley Author 1978
Elmer Bernstein Quotes Elmer Bernstein Composer 2004
William Blake Quotes William Blake Poet 1827
Robert Bloomfield Quotes Robert Bloomfield Poet 1823
Georges Braque Quotes Georges Braque Artist 1963
Bertolt Brecht Quotes Bertolt Brecht Poet 1956
Herb Brooks Quotes Herb Brooks Coach 2003
Big Bill Broonzy Quotes Big Bill Broonzy Composer 1958
Helen Gurley Brown Quotes Helen Gurley Brown Editor 2012
Jesse Brown Quotes Jesse Brown Politician 2002
John Bunyan Quotes John Bunyan Clergyman 1688
Charles Buxton Public Servant 1871
John Cage Quotes John Cage Composer 1992
Hall Caine Quotes Hall Caine Novelist 1931
Elias Canetti Quotes Elias Canetti Author 1994
James P. Cannon Activist 1974
Andrew Carnegie Businessman 1919
Richard Cecil Clergyman 1810
Adelbert von Chamisso Quotes Adelbert von Chamisso Poet 1838
Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar Quotes Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar Scientist 1995
Paddy Chayefsky Quotes Paddy Chayefsky Dramatist 1981
Julia Child Quotes Julia Child Chef 2004
Walter Chrysler Quotes Walter Chrysler Inventor 1940
Alonzo Church Quotes Alonzo Church Mathematician 1995
Lester Cole Writer 1985
George Combe Quotes George Combe Educator 1858
Francesco Crispi Quotes Francesco Crispi Politician 1901
Phil Crosby Businessman 2001
George William Curtis Quotes George William Curtis Author 1892
Peter Cushing Quotes Peter Cushing Actor 1994
Jane Darwell Quotes Jane Darwell Actress 1967
Carlos Drummond de Andrade Quotes Carlos Drummond de Andrade Poet 1987
Eugene Delacroix Quotes Eugene Delacroix Artist 1863
Grazia Deledda Quotes Grazia Deledda Writer 1936
Princess Diana Quotes Princess Diana Royalty 1997
John G. Diefenbaker Quotes John G. Diefenbaker Statesman 1979
Charles Eames Quotes Charles Eames Designer 1978
Ilya Ehrenburg Quotes Ilya Ehrenburg Writer 1967
Frances Farmer Quotes Frances Farmer Actress 1970
Enzo Ferrari Quotes Enzo Ferrari Designer 1988
Ruth First Activist 1982
Ian Fleming Quotes Ian Fleming Author 1964
Henry Fonda Quotes Henry Fonda Actor 1982
Esther Forbes Author 1967
Duncan Forbes Writer 1868
Emmet Fox Author 1951
Otto Frank Quotes Otto Frank Celebrity 1980
Thomas Fuller Quotes Thomas Fuller Clergyman 1661
Albert Gallatin Quotes Albert Gallatin Statesman 1849
Hugo Gernsback Quotes Hugo Gernsback Inventor 1967
Ira Gershwin Quotes Ira Gershwin Musician 1983
Wolcott Gibbs Writer 1958
Charlotte Perkins Gilman Quotes Charlotte Perkins Gilman Writer 1935
Robert F. Goheen Quotes Robert F. Goheen Educator 2008
Julien Green Quotes Julien Green Novelist 1998
Moses Hadas Writer 1966
Lionel Hampton Quotes Lionel Hampton Musician 2002
Learned Hand Quotes Learned Hand Judge 1961
Georgia Harkness Quotes Georgia Harkness Theologian 1974
Phil Harris Quotes Phil Harris Musician 1995
Isaac Hayes Quotes Isaac Hayes Musician 2008
William Randolph Hearst Quotes William Randolph Hearst Publisher 1951
Anna Held Quotes Anna Held Entertainer 1918
Omar Torrijos Herrera Quotes Omar Torrijos Herrera Soldier 1981
Walter Rudolf Hess Quotes Walter Rudolf Hess Scientist 1973
Wolfgang Hildesheimer Author 1991
Paul Hirsch Politician 1940
Douglas Horton Clergyman 1968
William Henry Hudson Quotes William Henry Hudson Author 1922
George Jackson Activist 1971
Helen Hunt Jackson Quotes Helen Hunt Jackson Writer 1885
Calamity Jane Quotes Calamity Jane Soldier 1903
Robert Johnson Quotes Robert Johnson Psychologist 1938
Harry Johnston Quotes Harry Johnston Explorer 1927
John P. Kennedy Quotes John P. Kennedy Soldier 1870
Persis Khambatta Actress 1998
Alfred A. Knopf Publisher 1984
Wanda Landowska Quotes Wanda Landowska Musician 1959
Irving Langmuir Quotes Irving Langmuir Scientist 1957
Ferdinand Lassalle Quotes Ferdinand Lassalle Politician 1864
Fernand Leger Quotes Fernand Leger Artist 1955
Shane Leslie Diplomat 1971
Oscar Levant Quotes Oscar Levant Composer 1972
Alphonsus Liguori Quotes Alphonsus Liguori Clergyman 1787
Otto Lilienthal Quotes Otto Lilienthal Aviator 1896
Anita Loos Quotes Anita Loos Writer 1981
Federico Garcia Lorca Quotes Federico Garcia Lorca Poet 1936
James Russell Lowell Quotes James Russell Lowell Poet 1891
Bela Lugosi Quotes Bela Lugosi Actor 1956
Rene Magritte Quotes Rene Magritte Artist 1967
Thomas Mann Quotes Thomas Mann Writer 1955
Mickey Mantle Quotes Mickey Mantle Athlete 1995
Rocky Marciano Quotes Rocky Marciano Athlete 1969
Andrew Marvell Quotes Andrew Marvell Writer 1678
Groucho Marx Quotes Groucho Marx Comedian 1977
Jules Massenet Quotes Jules Massenet Composer 1912
Jessie Matthews Quotes Jessie Matthews Actress 1981
Francis John McConnell Activist 1953
J. Irwin Miller Quotes J. Irwin Miller Businessman 2004
Margaret Mitchell Quotes Margaret Mitchell Novelist 1949
Mary Wortley Montagu Quotes Mary Wortley Montagu Writer 1762
Robert Moog Quotes Robert Moog Inventor 2005
Henry Moore Quotes Henry Moore Sculptor 1986
James Patrick Murray Journalist 1998
Pola Negri Quotes Pola Negri Actress 1987
John Henry Newman Quotes John Henry Newman Clergyman 1890
Florence Nightingale Quotes Florence Nightingale Activist 1910
Albert J. Nock Philosopher 1945
Lord Northcliffe Publisher 1922
Robert Novak Quotes Robert Novak Journalist 2009
Kate O'Brien Novelist 1974
Clifford Odets Quotes Clifford Odets Playwright 1963
Harry Oppenheimer Businessman 2000
Ron Palillo Quotes Ron Palillo Actor 2012
Vilfredo Pareto Quotes Vilfredo Pareto Economist 1923
Blaise Pascal Quotes Blaise Pascal Philosopher 1662
Linus Pauling Quotes Linus Pauling Scientist 1994
William Lyon Phelps Educator 1943
Arthur Phillip Quotes Arthur Phillip Soldier 1814
Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Quotes Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Statesman 1825
Jackson Pollock Quotes Jackson Pollock Artist 1956
George Porter Quotes George Porter Scientist 2002
Wiley Post Quotes Wiley Post Aviator 1935
Elvis Presley Quotes Elvis Presley Musician 1977
J. B. Priestley Quotes J. B. Priestley Writer 1984
Sally Rand Quotes Sally Rand Actress 1979
Myrtle Reed Author 1911
Pee Wee Reese Quotes Pee Wee Reese Athlete 1999
Frieda von Richthofen Quotes Frieda von Richthofen Celebrity 1956
Larry Rivers Quotes Larry Rivers Musician 2002
Phil Rizzuto Quotes Phil Rizzuto Celebrity 2007
Max Roach Quotes Max Roach Musician 2007
Frederick William Robertson Quotes Frederick William Robertson Clergyman 1853
Theodore Roethke Quotes Theodore Roethke Poet 1963
Will Rogers Quotes Will Rogers Actor 1935
Edith Rogers Politician 1960
Jules Romains Quotes Jules Romains Author 1972
James Roosevelt Quotes James Roosevelt Politician 1991
Joseph Rotblat Quotes Joseph Rotblat Physicist 2005
Jacques Roumain Writer 1944
Galen Rowell Photographer 2002
Babe Ruth Quotes Babe Ruth Athlete 1948
Pierre Schaeffer Quotes Pierre Schaeffer Composer 1995
Florent Schmitt Quotes Florent Schmitt Composer 1958
Artur Schnabel Musician 1951
Rose Schneiderman Quotes Rose Schneiderman Activist 1972
Tony Scott Quotes Tony Scott Director 2012
Charles Seymour Historian 1963
Paul Signac Quotes Paul Signac Artist 1935
Charles Simmons Politician 1975
John J. Sirica Judge 1992
B. F. Skinner Quotes B. F. Skinner Psychologist 1990
Enos Slaughter Quotes Enos Slaughter Athlete 2002
Richard Snelling Quotes Richard Snelling Politician 1991
Wilhelm Steinitz Quotes Wilhelm Steinitz Celebrity 1900
George Stephenson Quotes George Stephenson Inventor 1848
Thaddeus Stevens Quotes Thaddeus Stevens Politician 1868
Dorothy Stratten Quotes Dorothy Stratten Celebrity 1980
Stijn Streuvels Quotes Stijn Streuvels Writer 1969
Alfredo Stroessner Quotes Alfredo Stroessner Statesman 2006
Jeremy Taylor Clergyman 1667
Joe Tex Musician 1982
Irving Thalberg Quotes Irving Thalberg Producer 1936
Ernst Thalmann Quotes Ernst Thalmann Politician 1944
Bob Thaves Cartoonist 2006
Palmiro Togliatti Quotes Palmiro Togliatti Politician 1964
Ed Townsend Musician 2003
Marie Trintignant Quotes Marie Trintignant Actress 2003
Leon Trotsky Quotes Leon Trotsky Revolutionary 1940
Marina Tsvetaeva Quotes Marina Tsvetaeva Poet 1941
David Tudor Quotes David Tudor Musician 1996
Walter Ulbricht Quotes Walter Ulbricht Politician 1973
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Quotes Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Architect 1969
Helmut Walcha Musician 1991
H. G. Wells Quotes H. G. Wells Author 1946
Dorothy West Quotes Dorothy West Novelist 1998
Jerry Wexler Musician 2008
Edith Wharton Quotes Edith Wharton Author 1937
Edward Bennett Williams Quotes Edward Bennett Williams Lawyer 1988
Henry Williamson Author 1977
Wesley Willis Quotes Wesley Willis Musician 2003
James Wilson Quotes James Wilson Politician 1798
Leonard Woolf Quotes Leonard Woolf Author 1969
Mary Wortley Quotes Mary Wortley Royalty 1762
Wilhelm Wundt Quotes Wilhelm Wundt Psychologist 1920
Loretta Young Quotes Loretta Young Actress 2000
Israel Zangwill Quotes Israel Zangwill Novelist 1926
Ramakrishna Quotes Ramakrishna Leader 1886