Died on August, 5th

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August, 5th

Image Author Type Deathyear
Neil Armstrong Quotes Neil Armstrong Astronaut 2012
Carl Barks Quotes Carl Barks Artist 2000
Big Bill Broonzy Quotes Big Bill Broonzy Composer 1958
Jesse Brown Quotes Jesse Brown Politician 2002
Paul Brown Quotes Paul Brown Coach 1991
Richard Burton Quotes Richard Burton Actor 1984
Truman Capote Quotes Truman Capote Novelist 1984
Richard Cecil Clergyman 1810
Gower Champion Quotes Gower Champion Director 1980
Lester Cole Writer 1985
Mary Elizabeth Coleridge Novelist 1907
Frederick Albert Cook Quotes Frederick Albert Cook Explorer 1940
Grazia Deledda Quotes Grazia Deledda Writer 1936
Alfred Eisenstaedt Quotes Alfred Eisenstaedt Photographer 1995
Friedrich Engels Quotes Friedrich Engels Philosopher 1895
Josh Ryan Evans Quotes Josh Ryan Evans Actor 2002
Michael Faraday Quotes Michael Faraday Scientist 1867
Millicent Fawcett Activist 1929
Edgar Guest Quotes Edgar Guest Poet 1959
Alec Guinness Quotes Alec Guinness Actor 2000
William Hall Soldier 1904
William Herschel Quotes William Herschel Scientist 1822
Ethan A. Hitchcock Quotes Ethan A. Hitchcock Soldier 1870
Soichiro Honda Businessman 1991
Kathryn Hulme Quotes Kathryn Hulme Writer 1981
David Hume Quotes David Hume Philosopher 1776
Eyvind Johnson Quotes Eyvind Johnson Author 1976
Edward Kennedy Quotes Edward Kennedy Politician 2009
Stan Kenton Quotes Stan Kenton Musician 1979
Alfred Kinsey Quotes Alfred Kinsey Scientist 1956
Aleksandr Kuprin Quotes Aleksandr Kuprin Writer 1938
Rene Magritte Quotes Rene Magritte Artist 1967
Duong Van Minh Politician 2001
Carmen Miranda Quotes Carmen Miranda Musician 1955
Marilyn Monroe Quotes Marilyn Monroe Actress 1962
Elizabeth Montagu Writer 1800
Robert Muldoon Quotes Robert Muldoon Statesman 1992
Paul Muni Quotes Paul Muni Actor 1967
Friedrich Nietzsche Philosopher 1900
Lord North Quotes Lord North Statesman 1792
Wiley Post Quotes Wiley Post Aviator 1935
Frederick William Robertson Quotes Frederick William Robertson Clergyman 1853
George Lincoln Rockwell Quotes George Lincoln Rockwell Activist 1967
Will Rogers Quotes Will Rogers Actor 1935
Art Rooney Quotes Art Rooney Businessman 1988
Artur Schnabel Musician 1951
Thomas Shepard Clergyman 1649
Paul Signac Quotes Paul Signac Artist 1935
Samantha Smith Quotes Samantha Smith Celebrity 1985
Joseph Stefano Quotes Joseph Stefano Writer 2006
Stijn Streuvels Quotes Stijn Streuvels Writer 1969
Jerry Wexler Musician 2008
Todor Zhivkov Politician 1998
Aaliyah Quotes Aaliyah Musician 2001