Died on June, 1st

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June, 1st

Image Author Type Deathyear
Grace Abbott Quotes Grace Abbott Activist 1939
John Acton Historian 1902
Lord Acton Quotes Lord Acton Historian 1902
Joseph Addison Quotes Joseph Addison Writer 1719
Saul Alinsky Quotes Saul Alinsky Activist 1972
Mel Allen Quotes Mel Allen Celebrity 1996
Roald Amundsen Quotes Roald Amundsen Explorer 1928
Ion Antonescu Quotes Ion Antonescu Statesman 1946
Thomas Arnold Quotes Thomas Arnold Educator 1842
George Axelrod Writer 2003
Mikhail Bakunin Quotes Mikhail Bakunin Revolutionary 1876
Joseph Banks Quotes Joseph Banks Environmentalist 1820
Richard Harris Barham Quotes Richard Harris Barham Comedian 1845
Djuna Barnes Quotes Djuna Barnes Novelist 1982
James M. Barrie Quotes James M. Barrie Playwright 1937
J. M. Barrie Quotes J. M. Barrie Novelist 1937
Ethel Barrymore Quotes Ethel Barrymore Actress 1959
Daniel Carter Beard Quotes Daniel Carter Beard Artist 1941
Charles A. Beckwith Quotes Charles A. Beckwith Soldier 1994
A. C. Benson Author 1925
Hans Berger Quotes Hans Berger Scientist 1941
Richard Parks Bland Quotes Richard Parks Bland Politician 1899
Bill Blass Quotes Bill Blass Designer 2002
Marc Bloch Quotes Marc Bloch Historian 1944
Arrigo Boito Poet 1918
Lizzie Andrew Borden Quotes Lizzie Andrew Borden Celebrity 1927
Jorge Luis Borges Quotes Jorge Luis Borges Poet 1986
Belle Boyd Quotes Belle Boyd Celebrity 1900
Wernher von Braun Quotes Wernher von Braun Scientist 1977
David Brinkley Quotes David Brinkley Journalist 2003
John Britton Mathematician 1994
Martin Buber Quotes Martin Buber Philosopher 1965
Robert Williams Buchanan Quotes Robert Williams Buchanan Poet 1901
James Buchanan Quotes James Buchanan President 1868
Jack Buck Quotes Jack Buck Celebrity 2002
Daniel Burnham Quotes Daniel Burnham Architect 1912
Leo Buscaglia Quotes Leo Buscaglia Author 1998
Smedley Butler Quotes Smedley Butler Soldier 1940
Joseph Butler Quotes Joseph Butler Clergyman 1752
Samuel Butler Poet 1902
Roberto Calvi Quotes Roberto Calvi Businessman 1982
Al Campanis Businessman 1998
William Wallace Campbell Scientist 1938
Thomas Campbell Poet 1844
Lewis Cass Quotes Lewis Cass Soldier 1866
Mary Cassatt Quotes Mary Cassatt Artist 1926
Happy Chandler Quotes Happy Chandler Politician 1991
Ray Charles Quotes Ray Charles Musician 2004
Samuel Chase Quotes Samuel Chase Judge 1811
John Cheever Quotes John Cheever Writer 1982
Gilbert K. Chesterton Quotes Gilbert K. Chesterton Writer 1936
Tom C. Clark Quotes Tom C. Clark Politician 1977
William Cobbett Quotes William Cobbett Politician 1835
William Collins Poet 1759
John Connally Quotes John Connally Politician 1993
Diana Cooper Quotes Diana Cooper Celebrity 1986
Donald Cram Quotes Donald Cram Scientist 2001
Hansie Cronje Quotes Hansie Cronje Athlete 2002
Hume Cronyn Quotes Hume Cronyn Actor 2003
Les Dawson Comedian 1993
Frederick Delius Quotes Frederick Delius Composer 1934
John Dewey Quotes John Dewey Philosopher 1952
Larry Doby Quotes Larry Doby Athlete 2003
Henry Dodge Politician 1867
George Dorsey Politician 1911
Medgar Evers Quotes Medgar Evers Activist 1963
Gianfranco Ferre Designer 2007
Terence Fisher Director 1980
Ella Fitzgerald Quotes Ella Fitzgerald Musician 1996
Karl von Frisch Quotes Karl von Frisch Scientist 1982
Margaret Fuller Quotes Margaret Fuller Critic 1850
Marcus Garvey Quotes Marcus Garvey Publisher 1940
Antonio Gaudi Quotes Antonio Gaudi Architect 1926
Giovanni Giolitti Quotes Giovanni Giolitti Statesman 1928
William Golding Quotes William Golding Novelist 1993
Andrew Goodman Quotes Andrew Goodman Activist 1964
Benny Goodman Quotes Benny Goodman Musician 1986
Maxim Gorky Quotes Maxim Gorky Novelist 1936
Ruth Graham Celebrity 2007
Duff Green Politician 1875
Gerald Griffin Quotes Gerald Griffin Author 1840
Georg Groddeck Scientist 1934
Edward Everett Hale Quotes Edward Everett Hale Clergyman 1909
Johann Georg Hamann Quotes Johann Georg Hamann Philosopher 1788
Charles Haughey Politician 2006
Don Herold Writer 1966
Sidney Hillman Quotes Sidney Hillman Activist 1946
John Lee Hooker Quotes John Lee Hooker Musician 2001
Alan Hovhaness Quotes Alan Hovhaness Composer 2000
Robert E. Howard Quotes Robert E. Howard Writer 1936
Joseph Howe Quotes Joseph Howe Politician 1873
Basil Hume Quotes Basil Hume Clergyman 1999
Tokugawa Ieyasu Quotes Tokugawa Ieyasu Leader 1616
Thomas Jordan Jarvis Quotes Thomas Jordan Jarvis Politician 1915
Jerome K. Jerome Quotes Jerome K. Jerome Author 1927
Pamela Hansford Johnson Critic 1981
Judy Johnson Quotes Judy Johnson Athlete 1989
Jack Johnson Quotes Jack Johnson Athlete 1946
Rufus Jones Writer 1948
June Jordan Quotes June Jordan Writer 2002
Helen Keller Quotes Helen Keller Author 1968
DeForest Kelley Quotes DeForest Kelley Actor 1999
Alexander Kerensky Quotes Alexander Kerensky Public Servant 1970
Hank Ketcham Quotes Hank Ketcham Cartoonist 2001
Rodney King Quotes Rodney King Celebrity 2012
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Quotes Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Artist 1938
Morris Kline Writer 1992
Lee Krasner Quotes Lee Krasner Artist 1984
Karl Kraus Writer 1936
Thomas Kuhn Quotes Thomas Kuhn Writer 1996
Louis L'Amour Author 1988
Yves Saint Laurent Quotes Yves Saint Laurent Designer 2008
Richard Henry Lee Quotes Richard Henry Lee Politician 1794
Giacomo Leopardi Quotes Giacomo Leopardi Poet 1837
Alan Jay Lerner Quotes Alan Jay Lerner Dramatist 1986
John L. Lewis Quotes John L. Lewis Leader 1969
Gyorgy Ligeti Quotes Gyorgy Ligeti Composer 2006
Alfred Loisy Quotes Alfred Loisy Clergyman 1940
Pierre Loti Quotes Pierre Loti Writer 1923
Niccolo Machiavelli Quotes Niccolo Machiavelli Writer 1527
William Manchester Historian 2004
Herbie Mann Quotes Herbie Mann Musician 2003
Thomas R. Marshall Quotes Thomas R. Marshall Vice President 1925
Neal A. Maxwell Clergyman 2004
Vincent McNabb Clergyman 1943
Peter McWilliams Writer 2000
Prince Metternich Quotes Prince Metternich Politician 1859
Helmuth von Moltke Quotes Helmuth von Moltke Soldier 1916
Giorgio Morandi Quotes Giorgio Morandi Artist 1946
Arthur Murphy Writer 1805
Jerome Myers Quotes Jerome Myers Artist 1940
Reinhold Niebuhr Quotes Reinhold Niebuhr Theologian 1971
Arthur C. Nielsen Businessman 1981
Carroll O'Connor Actor 2001
Elinor Ostrom Quotes Elinor Ostrom Economist 2012
Emmeline Pankhurst Quotes Emmeline Pankhurst Activist 1928
Gregory Peck Quotes Gregory Peck Actor 2003
James Jarrell Pickle Politician 2005
James K. Polk Quotes James K. Polk President 1849
J. F. Powers Quotes J. F. Powers Novelist 1999
Henri Queuille Quotes Henri Queuille Politician 1970
George Reeves Quotes George Reeves Actor 1959
Donald T. Regan Quotes Donald T. Regan Public Servant 2003
David Ruffin Quotes David Ruffin Musician 1991
Tim Russert Quotes Tim Russert Journalist 2008
Ann Rutherford Quotes Ann Rutherford Actress 2012
Leverett Saltonstall Quotes Leverett Saltonstall Politician 1979
Menachem Mendel Schneerson Quotes Menachem Mendel Schneerson Leader 1994
Norma Shearer Quotes Norma Shearer Actress 1983
Lydia Sigourney Poet 1865
Norton Simon Businessman 1993
Howard Simons Editor 1989
Nicole Brown Simpson Celebrity 1994
Matthew Simpson Quotes Matthew Simpson Clergyman 1884
Thorne Smith Writer 1934
Kate Smith Quotes Kate Smith Musician 1986
Daniel Smith Politician 1818
Leland Stanford Quotes Leland Stanford Businessman 1893
Charles Sturt Quotes Charles Sturt Explorer 1869
John Sutter Quotes John Sutter Celebrity 1880
Bertha von Suttner Quotes Bertha von Suttner Novelist 1914
Major Taylor Quotes Major Taylor Athlete 1932
Brandon Thomas Quotes Brandon Thomas Actor 1914
Ieyasu Tokugawa Quotes Ieyasu Tokugawa Statesman 1616
Spencer Tracy Quotes Spencer Tracy Actor 1967
Herbert Trench Quotes Herbert Trench Poet 1923
Charles Trevelyan Public Servant 1886
Evelyn Underhill Quotes Evelyn Underhill Writer 1941
Sigrid Undset Quotes Sigrid Undset Novelist 1949
Leon Uris Quotes Leon Uris Writer 2003
Peter Utley Journalist 1988
Georg Henrik von Wright Quotes Georg Henrik von Wright Philosopher 2003
Edward Wadsworth Quotes Edward Wadsworth Artist 1949
Kurt Waldheim Quotes Kurt Waldheim Diplomat 2007
Hugh Walpole Writer 1941
Thomas J. Watson Quotes Thomas J. Watson Scientist 1956
John Wayne Quotes John Wayne Actor 1979
Max Weber Quotes Max Weber Economist 1920
Edmund Wilson Quotes Edmund Wilson Critic 1972
Ed Wynn Quotes Ed Wynn Entertainer 1966
Francis Parker Yockey Writer 1960
Roger Zelazny Quotes Roger Zelazny Writer 1995
Adolph Zukor Quotes Adolph Zukor Businessman 1976