Died on March, 9th

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March, 9th

Image Author Type Deathyear
Thomas Bailey Aldrich Quotes Thomas Bailey Aldrich Poet 1907
John Jacob Astor Quotes John Jacob Astor Businessman 1848
Lee Atwater Politician 1991
Arthur Balfour Quotes Arthur Balfour Statesman 1930
Anna Letitia Barbauld Quotes Anna Letitia Barbauld Poet 1825
Menachem Begin Quotes Menachem Begin Statesman 1992
Edward Bernays Quotes Edward Bernays Celebrity 1995
Stan Brakhage Quotes Stan Brakhage Director 2003
Vera Brittain Quotes Vera Brittain Writer 1970
Charles Bukowski Quotes Charles Bukowski Author 1994
George Burns Quotes George Burns Comedian 1996
Edgar Rice Burroughs Quotes Edgar Rice Burroughs Author 1950
John Burroughs Quotes John Burroughs Author 1921
Joyce Cary Novelist 1957
John Clapham Economist 1946
Arthur C. Clarke Quotes Arthur C. Clarke Writer 2008
Johnnie Cochran Quotes Johnnie Cochran Lawyer 2005
Bob Crosby Quotes Bob Crosby Musician 1993
Max Delbruck Quotes Max Delbruck Scientist 1981
John DeLorean Quotes John DeLorean Businessman 2005
Brad Delp Quotes Brad Delp Musician 2007
Helene Deutsch Quotes Helene Deutsch Psychologist 1982
Howell Heflin Quotes Howell Heflin Politician 2005
Matthew Henson Quotes Matthew Henson Explorer 1955
Mark Hopkins Educator 1878
Helge Ingstad Quotes Helge Ingstad Explorer 2001
Otto Hermann Kahn Quotes Otto Hermann Kahn Businessman 1934
John Keble Quotes John Keble Clergyman 1866
Willem de Kooning Quotes Willem de Kooning Artist 1997
Frank Lane Businessman 1981
Chris LeDoux Quotes Chris LeDoux Musician 2005
Bobby Locke Athlete 1987
Robert Mapplethorpe Quotes Robert Mapplethorpe Photographer 1989
Paul Elmer More Critic 1937
W. H. Murray Athlete 1996
Carl Orff Quotes Carl Orff Composer 1982
C. Northcote Parkinson Historian 1993
Burton Rascoe Journalist 1957
B. Carroll Reece Politician 1961
Ida Pauline Rolf Quotes Ida Pauline Rolf Scientist 1979
Constance Rourke Quotes Constance Rourke Author 1941
Paul Scofield Quotes Paul Scofield Actor 2008
Robert Falcon Scott Quotes Robert Falcon Scott Explorer 1912
Harry Seidler Quotes Harry Seidler Architect 2006
Georges Seurat Quotes Georges Seurat Artist 1891
Nathaniel Smith Politician 1822
Anna Louise Strong Quotes Anna Louise Strong Journalist 1970
Emanuel Swedenborg Quotes Emanuel Swedenborg Scientist 1772
Nathan F. Twining Quotes Nathan F. Twining Soldier 1982
Zerelda G. Wallace Quotes Zerelda G. Wallace Activist 1901
Frank Wedekind Quotes Frank Wedekind Playwright 1918
Charles Wesley Quotes Charles Wesley Clergyman 1788
Joe Williams Quotes Joe Williams Musician 1999
Garry Winogrand Photographer 1984