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Image Author Profession Birthday
DMX Quotes DMX Musician December 18, 1970
Willie Aames Actor July 15, 1960
Hank Aaron Quotes Hank Aaron Athlete February 5, 1934
Frank Abagnale Celebrity April 27, 1948
Cleveland Abbe Quotes Cleveland Abbe Scientist December 3, 1838
Lynn Abbey Author January 1, 1948
Edward Abbey Quotes Edward Abbey Author
Jack Henry Abbott Author January 21, 1944
Lyman Abbott Quotes Lyman Abbott Author December 18, 1835
Grace Abbott Quotes Grace Abbott Activist November 17, 1878
Bud Abbott Quotes Bud Abbott Actor October 2, 1897
Berenice Abbott Quotes Berenice Abbott Photographer July 17, 1898
Paula Abdul Quotes Paula Abdul Musician June 19, 1962
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Quotes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Athlete April 16, 1947
Sam Abell Photographer 1945
Hal Abelson Quotes Hal Abelson Scientist
John Abercrombie Quotes John Abercrombie Musician December 16, 1944
Neil Abercrombie Quotes Neil Abercrombie Politician June 26, 1938
Ralph Abernathy Quotes Ralph Abernathy Activist March 11, 1926
John Abizaid Quotes John Abizaid Soldier April 1, 1951
F. Murray Abraham Quotes F. Murray Abraham Actor October 24, 1939
Spencer Abraham Quotes Spencer Abraham Politician June 12, 1952
J. J. Abrams Quotes J. J. Abrams Director June 27, 1966
Elliott Abrams Quotes Elliott Abrams Lawyer January 24, 1948
Floyd Abrams Quotes Floyd Abrams Lawyer
Dan Abrams Journalist May 20, 1966
Creighton Abrams Quotes Creighton Abrams Soldier September 15, 1914
Casey Abrams Quotes Casey Abrams Musician February 12, 1991
Bella Abzug Quotes Bella Abzug Lawyer July 24, 1920
Goodman Ace Quotes Goodman Ace Writer January 15, 1899
Jane Sherwood Ace Actress
Dean Acheson Quotes Dean Acheson Statesman April 11, 1893
Kathy Acker Quotes Kathy Acker Activist April 18, 1947
Gary Ackerman Quotes Gary Ackerman Politician November 19, 1942
Diane Ackerman Poet October 7, 1948
Jensen Ackles Quotes Jensen Ackles Actor March 1, 1978
Roy Acuff Quotes Roy Acuff Musician September 15, 1903
John Adair Quotes John Adair Politician January 9, 1757
Red Adair Quotes Red Adair Celebrity June 18, 1915
Amy Adams Quotes Amy Adams Actress August 20, 1974
Samuel Adams Quotes Samuel Adams Revolutionary September 27, 1722
Franklin Pierce Adams Quotes Franklin Pierce Adams Writer November 15, 1881
John Quincy Adams Quotes John Quincy Adams President
Charles Kendall Adams Quotes Charles Kendall Adams Educator 1835
Abigail Adams Quotes Abigail Adams First Lady December 22, 1744
Sandy Adams Quotes Sandy Adams Politician December 14, 1956
Charles Adams Activist May 29, 1770
Robert Adams Photographer May 8, 1937
Franklin P. Adams Quotes Franklin P. Adams Journalist
John Adams President