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Image Author Profession Birthday
Phillip Adams Quotes Phillip Adams Writer July 12, 1939
Samuel Alexander Quotes Samuel Alexander Philosopher January 6, 1859
Judith Anderson Quotes Judith Anderson Actress February 10, 1897
Stuart Appleby Quotes Stuart Appleby Athlete May 1, 1971
Brody Armstrong Quotes Brody Armstrong Musician January 1, 1979
Julian Assange Quotes Julian Assange Activist 1971
Chris Bailey Musician
Eric Bana Quotes Eric Bana Actor August 9, 1968
Edmund Barton Quotes Edmund Barton Politician January 18, 1849
Charlie Bell Businessman November 7, 1960
Richie Benaud Quotes Richie Benaud Athlete October 6, 1930
Bruce Beresford Director August 16, 1940
Julie Bishop Quotes Julie Bishop Politician July 17, 1956
Claudia Black Quotes Claudia Black Actress October 11, 1972
Cate Blanchett Quotes Cate Blanchett Actress May 14, 1969
Andrew Bogut Quotes Andrew Bogut Athlete November 28, 1984
Anne Boyd Composer October 10, 1946
Arthur Boyd Quotes Arthur Boyd Artist July 20, 1920
William Throsby Bridges Quotes William Throsby Bridges Soldier February 18, 1861
Pam Brown Poet 1948
Bryan Brown Quotes Bryan Brown Actor June 23, 1947
Bob Brown Quotes Bob Brown Politician December 27, 1944
Wilfred Burchett Journalist September 16, 1911
Amir Butler Author
Rose Byrne Quotes Rose Byrne Actress July 24, 1979
Timothy F. Cahill Athlete December 6, 1979
Arthur Calwell Quotes Arthur Calwell Politician August 28, 1896
Peter Carey Novelist February 7, 1943
John Henry Carver Physicist 1926
Pat Cash Quotes Pat Cash Athlete May 27, 1965
Nick Cave Quotes Nick Cave Musician
Diane Cilento Quotes Diane Cilento Actress October 5, 1933
Jason Clarke Actor June 17, 1969
James Clavell Novelist
Toni Collette Quotes Toni Collette Actress November 1, 1971
Joseph Cook Quotes Joseph Cook Politician December 7, 1860
George Cooper Celebrity March 1, 1907
Bill Copeland Athlete August 16, 1929
Don Coscarelli Director February 17, 1954
Margaret Smith Court Quotes Margaret Smith Court Athlete July 16, 1942
Jenny Craig Quotes Jenny Craig Celebrity April 2, 1971
Russell Crowe Quotes Russell Crowe Actor April 7, 1964
John Curtin Quotes John Curtin Statesman January 8, 1885
Betty Cuthbert Quotes Betty Cuthbert Athlete April 20, 1938
Robyn Davidson Writer September 6, 1950
Judy Davis Quotes Judy Davis Actress April 23, 1955
John Dawkins Politician March 2, 1947
Peter Dawson Quotes Peter Dawson Musician January 31, 1882
Elizabeth Debicki Quotes Elizabeth Debicki Actress 1990
Andrew Denton Quotes Andrew Denton Comedian May 4, 1960