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Image Author Profession Birthday
Diane Abbott Quotes Diane Abbott Politician September 27, 1953
Lascelles Abercrombie Poet January 9, 1881
Peter Ackroyd Author October 5, 1949
Lord Acton Quotes Lord Acton Historian January 10, 1834
Frank Adams Quotes Frank Adams Mathematician November 5, 1930
Henry Addington Quotes Henry Addington Statesman May 30, 1757
Kate Adie Quotes Kate Adie Journalist September 19, 1945
Freema Agyeman Quotes Freema Agyeman Actress March 20, 1979
Jonathan Aitken Politician August 30, 1942
James Allen Author 1864
Ralph Allen Quotes Ralph Allen Politician 1693
Marc Almond Quotes Marc Almond Musician July 9, 1957
Eric Ambler Writer June 28, 1909
John Amery Quotes John Amery Politician March 14, 1912
Lord Amherst Quotes Lord Amherst Soldier January 29, 1717
Barbara Amiel Quotes Barbara Amiel Journalist December 4, 1940
Martin Amis Quotes Martin Amis Author August 25, 1949
Jon Anderson Quotes Jon Anderson Musician October 25, 1944
Emma Anderson Quotes Emma Anderson Musician June 10, 1967
Ian Anderson Quotes Ian Anderson Musician February 17, 1902
John Andre Quotes John Andre Celebrity
Prince Andrew Quotes Prince Andrew Royalty February 19, 1960
Elizabeth Andrews Politician May 16, 1943
Naveen Andrews Quotes Naveen Andrews Actor January 17, 1969
Norman Angell Quotes Norman Angell Writer December 26, 1872
Princess Anne Quotes Princess Anne Royalty August 15, 1950
Adam Ant Quotes Adam Ant Musician November 3, 1954
Michael Apted Quotes Michael Apted Director February 10, 1941
Mary Archer Scientist December 22, 1944
Simon Armitage Poet May 26, 1963
Dido Armstrong Quotes Dido Armstrong Musician December 25, 1971
Timothy Garton Ash Quotes Timothy Garton Ash Author July 12, 1955
Paddy Ashdown Quotes Paddy Ashdown Politician February 27, 1941
Jane Asher Quotes Jane Asher Actress April 5, 1946
Laura Ashley Quotes Laura Ashley Designer September 7, 1925
Catherine Ashton Quotes Catherine Ashton Politician March 20, 1956
Michael Aspel Journalist January 12, 1933
Francis William Aston Quotes Francis William Aston Scientist September 1, 1877
Nancy Astor Quotes Nancy Astor Politician May 19, 1879
Ron Atkinson Quotes Ron Atkinson Athlete March 18, 1939
Clement Atlee Quotes Clement Atlee Statesman January 3, 1883
David Attenborough Quotes David Attenborough Journalist May 8, 1926
Jane Austen Quotes Jane Austen Writer
John Bacon Sculptor November 24, 1740
Douglas Bader Quotes Douglas Bader Soldier February 10, 1910
John Badham Director August 25, 1939
Enid Bagnold Quotes Enid Bagnold Author October 27, 1889
Ginger Baker Quotes Ginger Baker Musician August 19, 1939
Kenny Baker Actor August 24, 1934
Janet Baker Quotes Janet Baker Musician August 21, 1933