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Image Author Profession Birthday
Drake Quotes Drake Musician
Jack Adams Quotes Jack Adams Athlete June 14, 1895
Bryan Adams Quotes Bryan Adams Musician November 5, 1959
William Maxwell Aitken Quotes William Maxwell Aitken Businessman May 25, 1879
Sidney Altman Quotes Sidney Altman Scientist May 7, 1939
Paul Anka Quotes Paul Anka Musician July 30, 1941
Nicole Appleton Quotes Nicole Appleton Musician December 7, 1974
Elizabeth Arden Quotes Elizabeth Arden Businesswoman December 31, 1878
Will Arnett Quotes Will Arnett Actor May 4, 1970
Shawn Ashmore Quotes Shawn Ashmore Actor October 7, 1979
Margaret Atwood Quotes Margaret Atwood Novelist
Dan Aykroyd Quotes Dan Aykroyd Comedian July 1, 1952
Sebastian Bach Quotes Sebastian Bach Musician April 3, 1968
Randy Bachman Quotes Randy Bachman Musician September 27, 1943
Robert Baldwin Quotes Robert Baldwin Politician May 12, 1804
Albert Bandura Psychologist December 4, 1925
Ashleigh Banfield Journalist December 29, 1967
John Barton Poet
Lord Beaverbrook Quotes Lord Beaverbrook Businessman May 25, 1879
Ed Belfour Quotes Ed Belfour Athlete April 21, 1965
Bill Bennett Politician August 18, 1932
Pierre Berton Quotes Pierre Berton Author July 12, 1920
Justin Bieber Quotes Justin Bieber Musician March 1, 1994
Davidson Black Quotes Davidson Black Scientist 1884
Edward Blake Quotes Edward Blake Politician October 13, 1833
Rachel Blanchard Quotes Rachel Blanchard Actress March 19, 1976
Frederick William Borden Quotes Frederick William Borden Politician May 14, 1847
Lucien Bouchard Quotes Lucien Bouchard Lawyer December 22, 1938
Robert Bourassa Quotes Robert Bourassa Politician July 14, 1933
Scotty Bowman Quotes Scotty Bowman Coach September 18, 1933
John Bracken Quotes John Bracken Politician June 22, 1883
Tim Bray Quotes Tim Bray Inventor June 21, 1955
Chester Brown Quotes Chester Brown Cartoonist May 16, 1960
Kurt Browning Quotes Kurt Browning Athlete June 18, 1966
Michael Buble Quotes Michael Buble Musician September 9, 1975
John Buchanan Lawyer May 23, 1846
Genevieve Bujold Actress July 1, 1942
Raymond Burr Quotes Raymond Burr Actor May 21, 1917
Eric Butterworth Educator September 12, 1916
Alex Campbell Politician December 1, 1933
Neve Campbell Quotes Neve Campbell Actress October 3, 1973
Kim Campbell Quotes Kim Campbell Statesman March 10, 1947
David Campbell Politician
John Candy Quotes John Candy Comedian October 31, 1950
Bliss Carman Quotes Bliss Carman Poet April 15, 1861
Emily Carr Quotes Emily Carr Artist December 13, 1871
Jim Carrey Quotes Jim Carrey Comedian
Jack Carroll Politician November 9, 1942
Jacques Cartier Quotes Jacques Cartier Explorer December 31, 1491
Donald J. Carty Quotes Donald J. Carty Businessman June 23, 1946