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Image Author Profession Birthday
Peter Abelard Quotes Peter Abelard Philosopher 1079
Edmond About Quotes Edmond About Novelist February 14, 1828
Marcel Achard Playwright July 5, 1899
Isabelle Adjani Quotes Isabelle Adjani Actress June 27, 1955
Anouk Aimee Quotes Anouk Aimee Actress April 27, 1932
Greg Akcelrod Actor September 17, 1982
Jean Alesi Quotes Jean Alesi Celebrity June 11, 1964
Alphonse Allais Quotes Alphonse Allais Writer October 20, 1854
Jean-Jacques Annaud Quotes Jean-Jacques Annaud Director October 1, 1943
Jean Anouilh Quotes Jean Anouilh Playwright June 23, 1910
Marie Antoinette Quotes Marie Antoinette Royalty November 2, 1755
Guillaume Apollinaire Quotes Guillaume Apollinaire Novelist August 26, 1880
Louis Aragon Quotes Louis Aragon Poet October 3, 1897
Joan of Arc Quotes Joan of Arc Celebrity 1412
Antoine Arnauld Quotes Antoine Arnauld Theologian 1612
Raymond Aron Quotes Raymond Aron Philosopher March 14, 1905
Antonin Artaud Quotes Antonin Artaud Dramatist September 4, 1896
Yann Arthus-Bertrand Quotes Yann Arthus-Bertrand Photographer March 13, 1946
Christian Audigier Quotes Christian Audigier Designer May 21, 1958
Jean-Marc Ayrault Quotes Jean-Marc Ayrault Politician January 25, 1950
Max Azria Quotes Max Azria Designer January 1, 1949
Gaston Bachelard Philosopher June 27, 1884
Josephine Baker Quotes Josephine Baker Dancer June 3, 1906
Honore de Balzac Quotes Honore de Balzac Novelist May 20, 1799
Henri Barbusse Quotes Henri Barbusse Novelist May 17, 1873
Eddie Barclay Musician January 26, 1921
Brigitte Bardot Quotes Brigitte Bardot Actress September 28, 1934
Jean-Louis Barrault Quotes Jean-Louis Barrault Actor September 9, 1910
Maurice Barres Quotes Maurice Barres Politician September 22, 1862
Roland Barthes Quotes Roland Barthes Critic November 12, 1915
Frederic Bastiat Quotes Frederic Bastiat Economist June 30, 1801
Georges Bataille Quotes Georges Bataille Writer
Charles Baudelaire Quotes Charles Baudelaire Poet
Jean Baudrillard Quotes Jean Baudrillard Sociologist July 29, 1929
Pierre Bayle Quotes Pierre Bayle Philosopher November 18, 1647
Andre Bazin Critic April 18, 1918
Emmanuelle Beart Quotes Emmanuelle Beart Actress August 14, 1965
Pierre Beaumarchais Inventor January 24, 1732
Simone de Beauvoir Quotes Simone de Beauvoir Writer
Joachim du Bellay Quotes Joachim du Bellay Poet 1522
Julien Benda Philosopher December 26, 1867
Isaac de Benserade Quotes Isaac de Benserade Poet November 5, 1613
Cyrano de Bergerac Quotes Cyrano de Bergerac Playwright March 6, 1619
Henri Bergson Quotes Henri Bergson Philosopher October 18, 1859
Hector Berlioz Quotes Hector Berlioz Composer December 11, 1803
Georges Bernanos Quotes Georges Bernanos Author February 20, 1888
Claude Bernard Quotes Claude Bernard Psychologist July 12, 1813
Tristan Bernard Quotes Tristan Bernard Playwright September 7, 1866
Sarah Bernhardt Quotes Sarah Bernhardt Actress October 22, 1845
Claude Berri Director July 1, 1934