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Image Author Profession Birthday
Karl Abraham Quotes Karl Abraham Psychologist May 3, 1877
Konrad Adenauer Quotes Konrad Adenauer Statesman January 5, 1876
Felix Adler Educator August 13, 1851
Theodor Adorno Quotes Theodor Adorno Philosopher September 11, 1903
Josef Albers Quotes Josef Albers Artist March 19, 1888
Walter Anderson Writer October 10, 1885
Adolf Anderssen Quotes Adolf Anderssen Celebrity July 6, 1818
Hannah Arendt Quotes Hannah Arendt Historian
Johann Arndt Theologian 1555
Ernst Moritz Arndt Quotes Ernst Moritz Arndt Poet December 26, 1769
Rudolf Arnheim Quotes Rudolf Arnheim Artist July 15, 1904
Eberhard Arnold Theologian July 26, 1883
Jean Arp Quotes Jean Arp Sculptor September 16, 1886
Frank Auerbach Quotes Frank Auerbach Artist April 19, 1931
Berthold Auerbach Quotes Berthold Auerbach Author February 28, 1812
Erich Auerbach Quotes Erich Auerbach Writer November 9, 1892
Johann Sebastian Bach Quotes Johann Sebastian Bach Composer May 31, 1685
Wilhelm Backhaus Quotes Wilhelm Backhaus Musician March 26, 1884
Hugo Ball Quotes Hugo Ball Author February 22, 1886
Georg Baselitz Quotes Georg Baselitz Artist January 23, 1938
Bruno Bauer Quotes Bruno Bauer Theologian September 6, 1809
Ferdinand Christian Baur Quotes Ferdinand Christian Baur Theologian June 21, 1792
August Bebel Quotes August Bebel Politician February 22, 1840
Ulrich Beck Quotes Ulrich Beck Sociologist May 15, 1944
Franz Beckenbauer Quotes Franz Beckenbauer Athlete September 11, 1945
Boris Becker Quotes Boris Becker Athlete November 22, 1967
Max Beckmann Quotes Max Beckmann Artist February 12, 1884
Ludwig van Beethoven Quotes Ludwig van Beethoven Composer
Hans Bender Psychologist February 5, 1907
Walter Benjamin Quotes Walter Benjamin Critic July 15, 1892
Gottfried Benn Quotes Gottfried Benn Novelist May 2, 1886
Hans Berger Quotes Hans Berger Scientist May 21, 1873
Ruth Bernhard Quotes Ruth Bernhard Photographer October 14, 1905
Joseph Beuys Quotes Joseph Beuys Artist May 12, 1921
Otto von Bismarck Quotes Otto von Bismarck Leader April 1, 1815
Uwe Boll Quotes Uwe Boll Director June 22, 1965
Dietrich Bonhoeffer Quotes Dietrich Bonhoeffer Theologian
Martin Bormann Quotes Martin Bormann Soldier June 17, 1900
Max Born Quotes Max Born Mathematician December 11, 1882
Ludwig Borne Quotes Ludwig Borne Writer May 6, 1786
Robert Bosch Quotes Robert Bosch Businessman September 23, 1861
Walther Bothe Quotes Walther Bothe Physicist January 8, 1891
Johannes Brahms Quotes Johannes Brahms Composer May 7, 1833
Willy Brandt Quotes Willy Brandt Politician December 18, 1913
Wernher von Braun Quotes Wernher von Braun Scientist
Eva Braun Quotes Eva Braun Celebrity February 6, 1912
Bertolt Brecht Quotes Bertolt Brecht Poet
Hermann Broch Quotes Hermann Broch Writer
Martin Buber Quotes Martin Buber Philosopher February 8, 1878
Georg Buchner Quotes Georg Buchner Dramatist October 17, 1813