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Image Author Profession Birthday
Gerry Adams Quotes Gerry Adams Politician October 6, 1948
William Allingham Quotes William Allingham Poet March 19, 1821
John Atkinson Judge December 13, 1844
Thomas John Barnardo Quotes Thomas John Barnardo Celebrity July 4, 1845
Samuel Beckett Quotes Samuel Beckett Playwright April 13, 1906
Brendan Behan Quotes Brendan Behan Dramatist February 9, 1923
John S. Bell Quotes John S. Bell Physicist June 28, 1928
George Berkeley Quotes George Berkeley Philosopher March 12, 1685
John Desmond Bernal Quotes John Desmond Bernal Scientist May 10, 1901
George Best Quotes George Best Athlete May 22, 1946
Maeve Binchy Quotes Maeve Binchy Novelist May 28, 1940
Danny Blanchflower Quotes Danny Blanchflower Athlete February 10, 1926
Countess of Blessington Quotes Countess of Blessington Novelist September 1, 1789
George Boole Quotes George Boole Mathematician November 2, 1815
Dion Boucicault Quotes Dion Boucicault Dramatist December 26, 1822
Elizabeth Bowen Quotes Elizabeth Bowen Novelist June 7, 1899
Robert Boyle Quotes Robert Boyle Philosopher January 25, 1627
Kenneth Branagh Quotes Kenneth Branagh Actor December 10, 1960
Henry Brooke Novelist 1703
Pierce Brosnan Quotes Pierce Brosnan Actor May 16, 1953
John Bruton Quotes John Bruton Politician May 18, 1947
Pat Buckley Clergyman 1952
Edmund Burke Quotes Edmund Burke Statesman January 12, 1729
Amanda Burton Actress January 8, 1957
Isaac Butt Quotes Isaac Butt Politician September 6, 1813
Gabriel Byrne Quotes Gabriel Byrne Actor May 12, 1950
Vivian Campbell Quotes Vivian Campbell Musician August 25, 1962
Frank Carson Quotes Frank Carson Comedian November 6, 1926
Joyce Cary Novelist December 7, 1888
Andrew Cherry Dramatist January 11, 1762
Adam Clayton Quotes Adam Clayton Musician
Frances Power Cobbe Quotes Frances Power Cobbe Writer 1822
Michael Collins Leader October 16, 1890
Andrea Corr Quotes Andrea Corr Musician May 17, 1974
Caroline Corr Quotes Caroline Corr Musician March 17, 1973
Paul Cullen Clergyman April 29, 1803
Kenny Cunningham Athlete June 28, 1971
John Philpot Curran Public Servant July 24, 1750
Cyril Cusack Quotes Cyril Cusack Actor November 26, 1910
Bernadette Devlin Quotes Bernadette Devlin Politician April 23, 1947
Edward Dowden Critic May 3, 1843
Roma Downey Actress May 6, 1960
Roddy Doyle Quotes Roddy Doyle Novelist May 8, 1958
Joey Dunlop Quotes Joey Dunlop Celebrity February 25, 1952
Lord Dunsany Quotes Lord Dunsany Novelist July 24, 1878
Maria Edgeworth Quotes Maria Edgeworth Novelist January 1, 1767
Robert Emmet Quotes Robert Emmet Activist March 4, 1780
Garth Ennis Quotes Garth Ennis Writer January 16, 1970
George Farquhar Quotes George Farquhar Dramatist 1678
Colin Farrell Quotes Colin Farrell Actor May 31, 1976