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Image Author Profession Birthday
Nicola Abbagnano Philosopher July 15, 1901
Lucius Accius Poet
Renata Adler Journalist October 19, 1938
Giovanni Agnelli Quotes Giovanni Agnelli Designer August 13, 1866
Gianni Agnelli Quotes Gianni Agnelli Businessman March 12, 1921
Leon Battista Alberti Quotes Leon Battista Alberti Architect February 14, 1404
Vittorio Alfieri Dramatist January 16, 1749
Dante Alighieri Quotes Dante Alighieri Poet June 1, 1265
Saint Ambrose Quotes Saint Ambrose Saint 339
Edmondo De Amicis Quotes Edmondo De Amicis Novelist October 21, 1846
Giulio Andreotti Quotes Giulio Andreotti Politician January 14, 1919
Fra Angelico Quotes Fra Angelico Artist 1395
Michelangelo Antonioni Quotes Michelangelo Antonioni Director September 29, 1912
Thomas Aquinas Quotes Thomas Aquinas Theologian 1225
Pietro Aretino Quotes Pietro Aretino Poet April 20, 1492
Asia Argento Quotes Asia Argento Actress September 20, 1975
Dario Argento Quotes Dario Argento Director September 7, 1940
Giorgio Armani Quotes Giorgio Armani Designer July 11, 1934
Roberto Assagioli Psychologist February 27, 1888
Francis of Assisi Quotes Francis of Assisi Saint
Cecilia Bartoli Quotes Cecilia Bartoli Musician June 4, 1966
Luigi Barzini Journalist 1874
Cesare Beccaria Quotes Cesare Beccaria Judge March 11, 1738
Monica Bellucci Quotes Monica Bellucci Actress September 30, 1964
Roberto Benigni Quotes Roberto Benigni Actor
Luciano Berio Quotes Luciano Berio Composer October 24, 1925
Silvio Berlusconi Quotes Silvio Berlusconi Statesman September 29, 1936
Harry Bertoia Quotes Harry Bertoia Sculptor March 10, 1915
Bernardo Bertolucci Quotes Bernardo Bertolucci Writer March 16, 1940
Bruno Bettelheim Quotes Bruno Bettelheim Writer August 28, 1903
Ugo Betti Playwright February 4, 1892
Giovanni Boccaccio Quotes Giovanni Boccaccio Author June 16, 1313
Andrea Bocelli Quotes Andrea Bocelli Musician September 22, 1958
Arrigo Boito Poet February 24, 1842
Giotto di Bondone Quotes Giotto di Bondone Artist 1267
Emma Bonino Quotes Emma Bonino Politician March 9, 1948
Giordano Bruno Quotes Giordano Bruno Philosopher
Dino Buzzati Quotes Dino Buzzati Novelist
Roberto Calvi Quotes Roberto Calvi Businessman April 13, 1920
Italo Calvino Journalist
Tommaso Campanella Philosopher September 5, 1568
Claudia Cardinale Quotes Claudia Cardinale Actress April 15, 1938
Enrico Caruso Quotes Enrico Caruso Musician February 25, 1873
Giacomo Casanova Quotes Giacomo Casanova Celebrity April 2, 1725
Marcus Porcius Cato Politician 234 BC
Roberto Cavalli Quotes Roberto Cavalli Designer November 15, 1940
Camillo di Cavour Quotes Camillo di Cavour Statesman August 10, 1810
Carlo Azeglio Ciampi Quotes Carlo Azeglio Ciampi Statesman December 9, 1920
Galeazzo Ciano Quotes Galeazzo Ciano Politician March 18, 1903
Silvia Colloca Quotes Silvia Colloca Actress May 23, 1978