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Image Author Profession Birthday
Robert Adamson Philosopher January 19, 1852
William Allan Artist 1782
David Allan Artist February 13, 1744
John Arbuthnot Quotes John Arbuthnot Physicist January 25, 1841
Tommy Armour Quotes Tommy Armour Athlete September 24, 1894
Joanna Baillie Quotes Joanna Baillie Poet 1762
Alexander Bain Quotes Alexander Bain Philosopher June 11, 1818
Iain Banks Quotes Iain Banks Writer February 16, 1954
John Barbour Poet 1316
William Barclay Theologian December 5, 1907
Robert Barclay Writer 1648
J. M. Barrie Quotes J. M. Barrie Novelist May 9, 1860
John Hay Beith Quotes John Hay Beith Playwright
E. T. Bell Mathematician February 7, 1883
Alexander Graham Bell Quotes Alexander Graham Bell Inventor March 3, 1847
James W. Black Scientist July 14, 1924
John Stuart Blackie Quotes John Stuart Blackie Writer July 28, 1809
Hugh Blair Quotes Hugh Blair Theologian April 7, 1718
Thomas Boston Quotes Thomas Boston Clergyman March 17, 1676
James Boswell Quotes James Boswell Lawyer October 29, 1740
Billy Boyd Quotes Billy Boyd Actor August 28, 1968
John Buchan Quotes John Buchan Politician August 26, 1875
Robert Burns Quotes Robert Burns Poet January 25, 1759
Gerard Butler Quotes Gerard Butler Actor November 13, 1969
David Byrne Quotes David Byrne Musician March 14, 1952
George Byron Quotes George Byron Poet
Thomas Campbell Poet July 27, 1777
Eddie Campbell Quotes Eddie Campbell Artist August 10, 1955
Donald Cargill Quotes Donald Cargill Clergyman 1610
Robert Carlyle Quotes Robert Carlyle Director April 14, 1961
Jane Welsh Carlyle Quotes Jane Welsh Carlyle Writer January 14, 1801
Thomas Carlyle Quotes Thomas Carlyle Philosopher
Pete Cashmore Quotes Pete Cashmore Businessman September 18, 1985
James Chalmers Inventor 1782
Thomas Chalmers Quotes Thomas Chalmers Clergyman March 17, 1780
Oswald Chambers Quotes Oswald Chambers Theologian July 24, 1874
Robert Chambers Writer July 10, 1802
Robbie Coltraine Quotes Robbie Coltraine Actor March 30, 1950
Robbie Coltrane Quotes Robbie Coltrane Actor March 30, 1950
Sean Connery Quotes Sean Connery Actor
Billy Connolly Quotes Billy Connolly Comedian November 24, 1942
James Connolly Quotes James Connolly Politician June 5, 1868
Tom Conti Quotes Tom Conti Actor November 22, 1941
Robin Cook Quotes Robin Cook Politician February 28, 1946
Ronnie Corbett Quotes Ronnie Corbett Comedian December 4, 1930
Alan Cumming Quotes Alan Cumming Actor January 27, 1965
Allan Cunningham Poet December 7, 1784
Kenny Dalglish Quotes Kenny Dalglish Athlete March 4, 1951
James Dewar Quotes James Dewar Scientist September 20, 1842
James Donald Actor May 18, 1917