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Image Author Profession Birthday
Malin Akerman Quotes Malin Akerman Actress May 12, 1978
Hannes Alfven Quotes Hannes Alfven Scientist May 30, 1908
John Bauer Artist June 4, 1882
Ingmar Bergman Quotes Ingmar Bergman Director
Ingrid Bergman Quotes Ingrid Bergman Actress August 29, 1915
Hans Blix Quotes Hans Blix Diplomat June 28, 1928
Sissela Bok Philosopher December 2, 1934
Bjorn Borg Quotes Bjorn Borg Athlete June 6, 1956
Karin Boye Quotes Karin Boye Poet October 26, 1900
Hjalmar Branting Quotes Hjalmar Branting Statesman November 23, 1860
Arvid Carlsson Quotes Arvid Carlsson Scientist January 25, 1923
Neneh Cherry Quotes Neneh Cherry Musician March 10, 1964
Queen Christina Quotes Queen Christina Royalty 1626
Stefan Edberg Quotes Stefan Edberg Athlete January 19, 1966
Anita Ekberg Quotes Anita Ekberg Actress September 29, 1931
Britt Ekland Quotes Britt Ekland Actress October 6, 1942
John Ericsson Quotes John Ericsson Inventor July 31, 1803
Agnetha Faltskog Quotes Agnetha Faltskog Musician April 5, 1950
Peter Forsberg Quotes Peter Forsberg Athlete July 20, 1973
Greta Garbo Quotes Greta Garbo Actress September 18, 1905
Carl Hagelin Quotes Carl Hagelin Athlete August 23, 1988
Lasse Hallstrom Quotes Lasse Hallstrom Director June 2, 1946
Dag Hammarskjold Quotes Dag Hammarskjold Diplomat July 29, 1905
Eyvind Johnson Quotes Eyvind Johnson Author July 29, 1900
Ingvar Kamprad Quotes Ingvar Kamprad Businessman March 30, 1926
Ellen Key Writer December 11, 1849
Joel Kinnaman Actor November 25, 1979
Steig Larsson Quotes Steig Larsson Author August 15, 1954
Astrid Lindgren Quotes Astrid Lindgren Author November 14, 1907
Anna Lindh Quotes Anna Lindh Politician June 19, 1957
Carolus Linnaeus Quotes Carolus Linnaeus Scientist May 23, 1707
Axel Munthe Quotes Axel Munthe Writer October 31, 1857
Jan Myrdal Quotes Jan Myrdal Author July 19, 1927
Alva Myrdal Diplomat January 31, 1902
Birgit Nilsson Quotes Birgit Nilsson Musician May 17, 1918
Lennart Nilsson Quotes Lennart Nilsson Photographer 1922
Alfred Nobel Quotes Alfred Nobel Scientist October 21, 1833
Michael Nyqvist Quotes Michael Nyqvist Actor November 8, 1960
Claes Oldenburg Quotes Claes Oldenburg Sculptor January 28, 1929
Olof Palme Quotes Olof Palme Politician January 30, 1927
Goran Persson Quotes Goran Persson Politician January 20, 1949
Noomi Rapace Quotes Noomi Rapace Actress December 28, 1979
Alexander Skarsgard Quotes Alexander Skarsgard Actor August 25, 1976
Stellan Skarsgard Quotes Stellan Skarsgard Actor June 13, 1951
Bill Skarsgard Actor August 9, 1990
August Strindberg Quotes August Strindberg Dramatist January 22, 1849
Theodor Svedberg Quotes Theodor Svedberg Scientist August 30, 1884
Emanuel Swedenborg Quotes Emanuel Swedenborg Scientist January 29, 1688
Max von Sydow Quotes Max von Sydow Actor April 10, 1929
Ingrid Thulin Quotes Ingrid Thulin Actress January 27, 1926