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Image Author Profession Birthday
Louis Agassiz Quotes Louis Agassiz Scientist May 28, 1807
Henri Frederic Amiel Quotes Henri Frederic Amiel Philosopher September 27, 1821
Ursula Andress Quotes Ursula Andress Actress March 19, 1936
Kojo Annan Celebrity 1973
Karl Barth Quotes Karl Barth Theologian May 10, 1886
Peter Bichsel Quotes Peter Bichsel Writer March 24, 1935
Max Bill Quotes Max Bill Architect December 22, 1908
Sepp Blatter Quotes Sepp Blatter Leader March 10, 1936
Felix Bloch Quotes Felix Bloch Scientist October 23, 1905
Francesco Borromini Quotes Francesco Borromini Architect September 25, 1599
Heinrich Bullinger Quotes Heinrich Bullinger Clergyman July 18, 1504
Elias Canetti Quotes Elias Canetti Author July 25, 1905
Arthur Cohn Quotes Arthur Cohn Producer February 4, 1927
Le Corbusier Quotes Le Corbusier Architect October 6, 1887
Saint Francis de Sales Quotes Saint Francis de Sales Clergyman
Al Dubin Musician June 10, 1891
Friedrich Durrenmatt Quotes Friedrich Durrenmatt Author January 5, 1921
Richard Ernst Scientist August 14, 1933
Leonhard Euler Quotes Leonhard Euler Mathematician April 15, 1707
Roger Federer Quotes Roger Federer Athlete August 8, 1981
Edmond H. Fischer Scientist April 6, 1920
Robert Frank Photographer November 9, 1924
Max Frisch Quotes Max Frisch Novelist May 15, 1911
Albert Gallatin Quotes Albert Gallatin Statesman January 29, 1761
Anne Louise Germaine de Stael Author April 22, 1766
Konrad von Gesner Quotes Konrad von Gesner Scientist March 26, 1516
Alberto Giacometti Quotes Alberto Giacometti Sculptor October 10, 1901
H. R. Giger Quotes H. R. Giger Artist February 5, 1940
Georg Groddeck Scientist October 13, 1866
Walter Rudolf Hess Quotes Walter Rudolf Hess Scientist March 17, 1881
Albert Hofmann Quotes Albert Hofmann Scientist January 11, 1906
Isabelle Holland Writer June 16, 1920
Arthur Honegger Composer March 10, 1892
Michelle Hunziker Quotes Michelle Hunziker Actress January 24, 1977
Carl Jung Quotes Carl Jung Psychologist July 26, 1875
Gottfried Keller Quotes Gottfried Keller Writer July 19, 1819
Paul Klee Quotes Paul Klee Artist
Hans Kung Quotes Hans Kung Theologian March 19, 1928
Ella Maillart Quotes Ella Maillart Writer February 20, 1903
Jean-Paul Marat Quotes Jean-Paul Marat Scientist May 24, 1743
Christian Marclay Quotes Christian Marclay Artist January 11, 1955
Alice Miller Psychologist January 12, 1923
Johann Pestalozzi Quotes Johann Pestalozzi Educator January 12, 1746
Jean Piaget Quotes Jean Piaget Psychologist August 9, 1896
Ferdinand de Saussure Quotes Ferdinand de Saussure Educator November 26, 1857
Philip Schaff Quotes Philip Schaff Theologian 1819
Maximilian Schell Quotes Maximilian Schell Actor December 8, 1930
Samuel Schmid Quotes Samuel Schmid Politician January 8, 1947
Carl Spitteler Quotes Carl Spitteler Poet April 24, 1845
Jean Tinguely Quotes Jean Tinguely Sculptor May 22, 1925