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Image Author Profession Birthday
John Bach Actor February 4, 1790
Christian Bale Quotes Christian Bale Actor January 30, 1974
Peter Baynham Comedian June 28, 1963
Aneurin Bevan Quotes Aneurin Bevan Politician November 15, 1897
Richard Burton Quotes Richard Burton Actor November 10, 1925
John Cale Quotes John Cale Musician March 9, 1942
Giraldus Cambrensis Clergyman 1146
John Graham Chambers Celebrity February 12, 1843
Charlotte Church Quotes Charlotte Church Musician February 21, 1986
Alan Cox Quotes Alan Cox Inventor July 22, 1968
Timothy Dalton Quotes Timothy Dalton Actor March 21, 1946
Ron Davies Politician August 6, 1946
W. H. Davies Quotes W. H. Davies Poet April 20, 1871
Dave Edmunds Quotes Dave Edmunds Musician April 15, 1944
Tommy Farr Quotes Tommy Farr Athlete March 12, 1914
Ken Follet Quotes Ken Follet Author June 5, 1949
Ken Follett Quotes Ken Follett Author June 5, 1949
David Lloyd George Quotes David Lloyd George Statesman January 17, 1863
Ryan Giggs Quotes Ryan Giggs Athlete November 29, 1973
Owen Glendower Quotes Owen Glendower Royalty 1359
Wilfred Grenfell Activist February 28, 1865
William Robert Grove Quotes William Robert Grove Scientist 1811
Ian Hislop Quotes Ian Hislop Editor July 13, 1960
Alun Hoddinott Quotes Alun Hoddinott Composer August 11, 1929
Anthony Hopkins Quotes Anthony Hopkins Actor
Rhys Ifans Quotes Rhys Ifans Actor July 22, 1967
Katherine Jenkins Quotes Katherine Jenkins Musician June 29, 1980
Gwen John Quotes Gwen John Artist June 22, 1876
Tom Jones Quotes Tom Jones Musician June 7, 1940
Kelly Jones Quotes Kelly Jones Musician June 3, 1974
Saunders Lewis Quotes Saunders Lewis Poet October 15, 1893
Christopher Love Educator 1618
Arthur Machen Quotes Arthur Machen Author March 3, 1863
Walter Map Writer 1137
Samuel Marsden Quotes Samuel Marsden Clergyman 1764
Ivor Novello Quotes Ivor Novello Musician January 15, 1893
Robert Owen Quotes Robert Owen Writer May 14, 1771
Joseph Parry Composer 1841
Mandy Rice-Davies Model October 21, 1944
Alexandra Roach Actress 1987
Jon Ronson Quotes Jon Ronson Journalist May 10, 1967
Ian Rush Athlete October 20, 1961
Henry Morton Stanley Quotes Henry Morton Stanley Explorer January 29, 1841
Bryn Terfel Quotes Bryn Terfel Musician November 9, 1965
Dylan Thomas Quotes Dylan Thomas Poet October 27, 1914
Bonnie Tyler Quotes Bonnie Tyler Musician June 8, 1953
Henry Vaughan Poet April 17, 1622
Tom Ward Actor January 11, 1971
Raymond Williams Quotes Raymond Williams Novelist August 31, 1921
Alan Woods Activist 1944